GM Remediation Systems

High-Temperature Systems for the Redevelopment of Brownfield Sites

Are you in need of an innovative, efficient and economical solution for your contaminated site remediation project?

Our systems stand for fast and sustainable remediation while reducing the overall cost and time of your project.

Based on your specifications and requirements, we will select the ideal system for you to achieve your project goals as quickly as possible.

HEATREM Remediation Kits

Flexible & efficient remediation of contaminated sites

We offer a tailor-made solution to provide refurbishment companies with the necessary heating technology, as well as with our extensive know-how. For a fast and economical achievement of your renovation goals.

Partnerships with other suppliers such as HAEMERS-TECH allow us to utilize both electric and gas-fired heating systems, providing flexible and cost-optimized solutions. Based on your specifications and requirements, we select the ideal solution for you.

The modular system adapts to most soil conditions and purifies volatile and semi-volatile organic pollutants, both in the soil and in the aquifer. The concept can be used especially for pollutant sources that have already reached the groundwater level.

The Results

Fast availability as building land

No soil excavation necessary

Rapid discharge of the pollutant mass

Product Overview

The HEATREM series at a glance

The HEATREM series is particularly suitable for flexible remediation of light volatile and semi-volatile pollutants and includes all high temperature applications for contamination source remediation with more than 500°C nominal temperature.

Our product line includes the following models:


Cost- and thermally optimized heating systems to remediate CHC damage with achievable soil temperatures up to 100°C in unsaturated zones. This includes classic solvent and BTEX damage.


Heating systems specially developed for groundwater-bearing areas to be remediated with soil temperatures of up to 100°C. These include classic solvent and BTEX damage.


This premium product is particularly suitable for use with high-boiling pollutants in situ and ex situ in the unsaturated soil zone. The robust design also permits use as a thermal treatment stage in soil treatment plants. PFC or PAH damage in unsaturated soil zones are considered possible applications.

The HEATREM series components

All HEATREM – models are composed of the following individual components:

Komponent des Hochtemperatursystems von GMRS - HeatUp


High-temperature modules of 4.5m (9kW) each with permissible maximum temperatures between 500°C and 1'200°C

Hochtemperatursysteme zur Sanierung von Industriebrachen


Switch cabinets with internet connection

4 x 12kW​

5 x 18kW​

9 x 8kW​

The switch cabinets are connected to our cloud server.

Komponent des Hochtemperatursystems von GMRS - HeatUp


Freely configurable data loggers N x 5 Thermocouples type K (lance control)

N x 12xPT100 (field temperature control)

Individual field mounted data loggers in IP65 housings with 24 sensor connections each (optional PT100/1000)

The GM Remediation Systems HEATService

Rely on conscientious service, professional installation and expert maintenance of high-temperature systems. For a smooth operation of your renovation project.

  • Planning
  • Installation
  • Remote Diagnostics & Control
  • Maintenance

Simulation and detailed planning of the heating systems


Our service team provides technical support during installation. The commissioning of the plant is carried out by our project managers.

Remote Diagnostics & Control

A database is supplied with the current data of the plant. The dashboard provides information about the plant status. A self-learning system passes on decision templates for optimizing energy consumption. Alarm values are forwarded by e-mail and optionally by text messages.


The systems we offer are professionally maintained and repaired by our employees and partners.

Fast & Cost-Effective Remediation Success with GM Remediation Systems

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Remote diagnosis & optimization in operation

Planning & installation services

Partner training

Maintenance & spare parts

Great flexibility due to high temperature

Thermal Remediation Technology

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